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- Sep 23, 2017 -

Check the oil volume of the engine.jpg

(1) Check the oil volume of the engine 

   Parking the truck on the horizontal road. Pull out the oil ruler and check the oil volume.If the light between the (F) and (L),it is in the normal range. If it below the (L) that you should add the specified type of the oil but the liquid level after refueling can not be higher than (F).

(2) Check brake liquid level

   If the brake level is between the high and low liquid level ,it is normal.If the brake liquid level is close to or below the lower limit that there may be excessive leakage of  the system and the brake shoe may be much destroyed.You should promptly to the maintenance station for maintenance.When you adding brake fluid that you should be careful add the same type of the brake fluid.And you should pay attention to protect the paint from corrosion.


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