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How To Operate The Cement Bulker Trailer Properly?

- Aug 03, 2017 -

Cement bulker trailer use steps



Step 1: turn on the battery,fill in the diesel and machinery oil,turn off clutch,keep air inlet valve on,close boost valves and butterfly valve.


Step 2: turn on diesel engine by key


Step 3:one to two minutes later, turn on clutch to connect air compressor and diesel engine


Step 4: tight the screw to adjust the running speed of air compressor to 900-1100


Step 5:turn on boost valve,turn on butterfly valve,star to discharge the cement


Step 6: turn on front boost valve,turn off the back boost to speed up the discharge speed


Step 7:clean the tank

Clean the front part of tank:keep front air inlet valve on,close the back air inlet valve off.

Clean the back part of tank:keep back air inlet valve on,close the front air inlet valve off.


Step 8:turn off the clutch and diesel engine

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