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Operation Method Of Cement Bulk Trailer

- Sep 01, 2017 -

Operation method of cement bulk trailer.jpg

The correct method of bulk cement trailer operation is important, improper operation may reduce the time of bulk cement trailer use,there are some methods of cement bulk trailer operation for you. 

1,Open all the intake valve, turn off the other valve, start the air compressor, view the tachometer, the speed is not less than 950 rpm;

2, Turn up the pressure to 0.2MPa, the first open the second blow assist valve, clean up the air pipe and then open the discharge valve;

3, Turn down the pressure to 0.05MPa, close the diesel engine, open the pressure relief valve, Liquidation end;

4, Special circumstances, there is remaining cement, according to the above steps, inflate to 0.16MPa and clear up before and after the compartment respectively ;


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