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The Loading And Unloading Of Powder Tank Semi Trailer And Oil Tank Truck

- Nov 22, 2017 -

Today I will tell you the difference in the loading and unloading of powder tank semi trailer and oil tank truck .Powder tank semi trailer,loading from manhole directly, external power play the powder materials directly to the inside of tank by manhole.When discharging, the external air is carried into the tank by air compressor,and the powder is discharged after being fluidized by the inner fluidized bed.

And oil tank truck loading and unloading oil has difference with powder tank semi trailer. oil tank truck, whether loading or unloading, both have two methods.The oil can be loaded directly from the manhole , or can be pumped directly into the tank through the pump.When unloading oil, you can let oil flow naturally, or pump out through the pressure of the pump. 

Powder tank semi trailer transports bulk materials such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, particulate alkali and other particles less than 0.1mm in diameter. Oil tank truck transports oil products (gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil, lubricants and coal tar etc.), a dangerous goods transport vehicle.The loading and unloading of powder tank semi trailer and oil tank truck should be careful to ensure safety.

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