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The Structural Characteristics Of The Side Curtain Trailer

- Jul 17, 2017 -

Side curtain trailer as a van type, with all the characteristics of ordinary van: envelope completely closed, can be dust and dust, to the goods to achieve all-weather protection; envelope volume is fully determined, can effectively prevent overload limit. As the side curtain trailer on both sides of the closed by the car, it has some outstanding advantages: the weight of the side panels than the rigid side panels significantly lighter, so the vehicle lighter than the van lighter 1,000kg-1,500kg; In the printing of a variety of patterns, and thus significantly more beautiful than the van appearance; curtain can be quickly opened, the forklift can be installed in the curtain, so the loading and unloading efficiency is very high.


Side curtain trailers are the main models for road transport in Europe and Australia. Side curtain trailer occupies the Australian market share of logistics vehicles more than 70%. Freight cycling, semi-trailer are widely used in the form of curtain structure. As the side curtain has a block device and a bolt, the side curtain trailer can be used in a variety of applications, even for the transport of coils and rolls. Europe is the birthplace of the side curtain trailer, the application of the side curtain trailer is also very common. Figure 1 for a side curtain in the axis of the car train. Europe has carefully studied the safety of side curtain trailers and has solidified into a series of safety initiatives.

Europe and Australia side curtain trailer is different, most of the European side curtain trailer roof can be used to slide the top of the slide, and in Australia, most of the use of aluminum roof.

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