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The Vehicle Navigation Of Tracter Truck

- Nov 03, 2017 -

The vehicle navigation of tracter truck

Nowadays ,the auto electronic facilities are becoming more and more popular.As one part of it ,vehicle navigation is very useful when the car on the road .And in order to provide better service, vehicle navigation is installed in our tracter truck.Now I tell you some to maintain vehicle navigation.

After buying a tractor truck, you must watch the navigation in detail. If the version is old, you need to update the navigation information. In addition, extending the service life of vehicle navigation is an important issue.

1. The first three charges, you should charge vehicle navigation for about 10 hours, so as to make the power storage capacity of the battery develop fully. 

2, You should turn it off with the shutdown order in strict accordance, vehicle navigation is composed of many electronic components,so unplug the plug directly will cause damage, shutdown order: close the page - off - remove the plug.

The vehicle navigation of semi trailer is very important for long - distance car friends, so it must be properly maintained to make every trip easy, comfortable and safe. 

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