Automotive fire prevention methods and points for attention

- Mar 13, 2017-

(1) when the engine is running or when the cradles, no pouring gasoline into the carburetor. Raise gasoline into the carburetor to increase the concentration of the gas mixture inside the cylinder, which although in case of oil into cylinder to start, but the failure of other causes is useless, but doing so may cause tempering, burn hazards such as personnel and burned vehicles.
(2) when maintenance fuel filter, do not promote gasoline burn cleaner cores. Many people in when maintenance fuel filter, like the gasoline-fired ceramic filter approach to remove impurities from the filter. Harm done is fire, as well as affect filter life.
(3) within the depot, no short circuit fire way to check the battery to save electricity. Because in a small, poorly ventilated within the depot, often placing equipment such as tires, batteries, tarpaulins, spilled gasoline on the ground, and sparks of fire is likely to ignite the oil molecules in the air.
(4) the car of the subway chain no wound on the beam. Oil and other substances, like when another body rub will produce static electricity. The static jump, could fuel ignited fires. Oil depot on the ground equipped with a grounding, oil tanker was also equipped with a grounding chain in order to prevent a tank from a static electric spark, this chain is not literally wrapped around the beam frame, must be placed on the ground, and lots of not less than 50 cm.
(5) in the high voltage wires beneath, and refuelling is strictly prohibited.
(6) no hanging fire are often used. Sometimes car spark plug will has product carbon, dang a cylinder of product carbon serious Shi, the cylinder on cannot normal work, to makes the cylinder can normal run, used cylinder outside "hanging fire" of method (will spark plug and high-tension line Zhijian left 3 mm-4 mm of clearance), to improve spark plug electrode jumped fire of energy, makes the cylinder recovery work, but General of "hanging fire" method slightly not note on easy off. If dropping on the cylinder of gas, is very prone to fires. Therefore, it is only a temporary remedy. Correctly handle should be timely cleaning spark plugs, try to avoid using "hanging fire" method.
(7) automobile oil system leakage is not allowed. If the chassis portion of the oil leak, and are having ignition, air/fuel mixture lean point later on, because of the slow burning exhaust flames, body temperature than gasoline vapor ignited more than 10 times (ignite gasoline vapor is 28 degrees Celsius). Set leaking oil on fire, and prone to fires, causing body scrapped. If the carburetor leaking in the cylinder head, spark plug high voltage spark electric leakage may cause a fire.

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