Car Key Configuration

- Mar 13, 2017-

Some customers first tanker for some configurations may not understand its role following tankers under the role of some of the configuration.

Configuration application: oil tankers of oil and gas recovery system uses: tanker loading and unloading in the process of realization of closed gas recovery, limiting gas emissions into the atmosphere. Oil tankers by unloading pipe unloading oil at the same time, gas station oil tank of oil and gas by pipeline to a tanker in the back. Tanker oil and gas back to the depot for processing, achieve the purpose of oil and gas recovery.

Subsea valve applications:
Bottom valve, also known as emergency cut-off valve, installed in the bottom of the tank, can replace the traditional coat-style fuel under fuel, make the operation more convenient for staff, time, safety and environmental protection. Valve body design cut slots in the car when the accident occurred, cut off the tank disconnected, without affecting the sealing of the tank car end of pipe and tank cut off, effectively prevent leakage of fuel within the tank, so as to ensure oil security.

Breathing valve applications:
When breathing valve dumping 70o, the valve sealing ball dumping form an effective seal to prevent oil leaks. Oil holes use:
Installed in the manhole cover on the Preparatory Department, retrofitting a dipstick or level gauge.

Safety valve:
Designed for product design of oil tanks, chemical tanks, and tank, according to user needs to set different opening pressure, to meet different needs. Overall cast body made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, high sealing capacity, suitable for all kinds of environments.

Overfill prevention sensors:
Use: electronic sensors are widely used in a variety of spill-proof container filling liquid of tank in a closed, early warning to prevent the leakage of liquid full of security devices, install it in a container on the top of the manhole cover, when the oil level when the warning limit is reached, the sensor will automatically alarm off gate.

European-standard tank filler cap:
Also called manhole cover, mounted on a tank top with built-in respiratory and emergency exhaust function, and can be installed in the manhole vapor recovery valve, oil hole and prevent overflowing catheters and so on, anti-flooding system in the process of loading, when liquid level reaches the detection position, the sensor system will alarm automatically and stops the loading of oil.
Built-in valve so oil tank internal pressure during the process of oil remained stable, with external pressure balance tankers dumping designed to prevent overflow in case of accidents remain sealed, emergency venting devices in case of a sharp increase in pressure within the tank, will automatically open, release the pressure of the tank, so as to prevent the occurrence of accidents, greatly improving fuel security.

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