China Infrared Thermometer

China Infrared Thermometer

China Infrared thermometer

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China Infrared thermometer



Measurement Site: Forehead

Product Size: 160mmx 100mmx40mm

Temperature Unit:。C

Measuring Range: 32.0°C~43.0°C

Resolution: 0.1°C

Accuracy: +0.2°C

Clinical Repeatability: +0.3°C

Using The operating Ring Ambient Temperature: 10°C~40°

C,Relative Humidity:≤85%

Packaging Storage Ring Ambient Temperature: -20°C~55°

C,Relative Humidity:≤85%

Number Of Memory Groups: 32 Groups

Automatic Shut-Down : 20 Seconds

Weight: 100g t 10g (Without Battery)

Expiration Date: 500,000 Measurements

Product Safety: BF Type Equipment

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