End DumpTrailer Hydraulic in Africa

End DumpTrailer Hydraulic in Africa

Hydraulic lifting principle of rear dump trailer is: Operate the main vehicle transmission force taking device to drive the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump absorbs the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank through the low-pressure inlet pipe and generates high-pressure oil for output. The high-pressure oil output by the gear pump enters the lifting valve through the high-pressure pipe. Lifting valve under the control of the air control valve will be high pressure oil to the cylinder or discharge into the hydraulic tank to achieve lifting, stopping and falling functions of the hydraulic cylinder.

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Product Description:

The frame and rail of the dump semi trailer are welded with manganese plate. The container has two kinds of dustpan and rectangle. 

Heavy Duty End DumpTrailer Hydraulic in Africa

Heavy Duty End DumpTrailer Hydraulic in Africa

DumpTrailer Hydraulic in Africa

DumpTrailer Hydraulic in Africa


Truck Trailer

Type: Semi-Trailer

Material: Steel

Size: 9000*2500*3700

Max Payload: 80T

Place of Origin: China

Axle: 13ton, 4axles


Delivery Date:

As a factory source, we can give you a precise ship date, down to the hour of the day you will have it in your hands.

Production Process:

We are involved in production process, so more helpful and knowledgeable service can be provided to you when you need it most.


Q1: What's your minimum order quantity?

A: One unit

Q2: What's warranty time?

A: 12 months or 30,000 km from the date of shipment whichever comes first

Q3: What's your after-sale service?

A: We provide technical support for our trucks and whole life parts supply



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