Diesel Tanker Trailer For Sale

Diesel Tanker Trailer For Sale

1. The tank body is longitudinally welded and welded by an advanced mechanical welding machine.

2. The tank has undergone high pressure air tightness test to ensure high sealing and avoid oil leakage.

3. The reinforced wave plate reduces the impact of the liquid on the tanker.

4. Centrifugal pumps, gear pumps and stainless steel pumps can be selected according to the purpose of the tanker, which have the characteristics of large flow rate and fast suction speed.

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Product Details

The tank body of the diesel oil tank trailer is made of 4mm or 6mm high-quality carbon steel, and can be divided into oval or round tanks according to the shape.

Diesel Tanker Trailer For Sale

The tank body of the diesel tanker trailer is formed by one-time spinning with an imitation hemming machine to increase the strength. Using advanced welding technology, after the tank is formed, the high-pressure gas leak test is used to make the tank have the characteristics of high strength, stable center of gravity, and safe and stable vehicle transportation.

Diesel Tanker Trailer For Sale1

The emergency cut-off valve button is installed on the rear guardrail. When the oil leaks, it can be cut off in an emergency, which can effectively prevent the oil leakage in the tank and ensure the safety of the diesel tanker trailer.

fuel tanker details


fuel tank trailer (12)


transport Fuel, Oil, Diesel




13Ton heavy duty Axle,ZY brand,3Axle

Brake air chamber

Six big double air chambers

Brake system

Dual Line braking system

Tare Weight


Tank body Thickness

Q235/5mm carbon steel

End plate Thickness

Q235/6mm carbon steel

Manhole cover

500mm manhole cover. 3 sets

Side Guar

According to customer’s requirement

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