Lowboy Car Trailer

Lowboy Car Trailer

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Product Description:

The main purpose of our lowbed semi trailer is to transport large and heavy-duty vehicles and cargo.

Our lowbed trailers have different capacities, such as 20 T/tons, 30 T/tons, 50 T/tons, 70 T/tons, 80 T/tons and 100 T/tons, 120 T/tons, 150 T/tons. Each type use different number of axles from 2, 3, 4 axles to 7, 8 axles.

One of the advantages of using an ordinary low-bed trailer is that it is cost-effective. This type of trailer is cheaper than other lowboys. Another advantage is the long loading and unloading platform, and the rear part of an ordinary low-bed trailer can be used as a cargo platform.

3 axle lowbed trailer


Running System
Axle 13Ton, ZY brand optional FUWA brand, 

one hundred fifty thousand Kilometers no need maintenance 
Axle Number  Three
Tire1100R20, 12 pcs  Taitong brand   
Rim8.0*22.5 steel disc wheel, 10 holes ISO, 12 pcs
Suspension system Common Mechanical Suspension 
Steel Spring 10/10/10 leaf spring with 90mm(W) *13mm(thickness)
Electrical System Chinese standard 24V lighting system
Brake system: Dual line pneumatic brake, SAE hose and connector,optional ABS
Brake air chamber6 units T30/30 spring brake chambers
Emergency relay valveWabco relay valve
Traction/King Pin 2” and 3.5” removable Kingpin, bolted in type 500mm from the front face of the front bolster
Landing Gear  Zhenhua brand 28ton external two speed telescopic manual operation            

2,500mm behind the kingpin location

Packing & Delivery

-Ro-ro Shipment

-Bulk Shipment

-Container Shipment

-Flat rack Shipment

We will choose the most suitable, cheapest and safest way for you. We work with many shipping companie

Trailers Shipping


1. What should I do if the tires of the truck are attached with nails?

The tires are attached with nails. Do not pull on the nails by hand, otherwise they will leak easily. Do not hit the brakes, hold the steering wheel firmly and stay straight to avoid collisions with road obstacles and traffic.

After parking in a safe place, check the tires in time. If the tie is severe, change the tires on time. If there is no problem, go to the repair center and fix it in time.

2. Is your company a factory or trade company? 

We have a factory ourselves,we are on this business for few years in China. 

3. Whats the qualify assurance we provided and how do we control quality? 

1. Established a procedure to check products at all stages of the manufacturing process-raw materials,process materials,validated or tested materials finished goods ect. Beside,we have also developed a procedure which identifies the inspection and test status of all items at all stages of the manufacturing process. 

2.100% inspection in assembly lines. All controls, inspections,equipment,fixtures,total production resources and skills are inspected to ensure they consistently achieve the required quality levels. 


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