Sinotruk Howo 6x4 Dump Truck

Sinotruk Howo 6x4 Dump Truck

Brand: Sinotruk Howo

Model: 6X4 Dump Truck

Price: $30000.00 / set

Price range: $30000.00 to $50000.00 / depending on configuration and old and new truck setup

Payment Methods: T/T (Wire Transfer), Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card

Supply capacity: 300 sets/month

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Product Details

Main description of Sinotruk howo 6x4 dump truck

Sinotruk Howo 6x4 dump truck is deeply loved by customers in Africa and Southeast Asia. The upper body of this dump truck adopts a high-strength cold-rolled corrugated steel plate structure, which is superior in material, strong in bearing capacity and high in wear resistance. 

Reliable performance and other characteristics, it is the most popular dump truck model of Sinotruk howo.

Truck live video

Product advantages of Sinotruk howo 6x4 dump truck

Sinotruk howo dump truck adopts the special chassis of Sinotruk, Weichai 336/361/370 horsepower engine (optional model), the chassis is solid and durable, with strong power, which can meet the needs of different working conditions; the upper body adopts high-strength cooling Rolled corrugated steel plate structure, large loading space and strong lifting force.

Sinotruk Howo 6x4 Dump Truck1. HOWO 6x4 dump truck has an F-type tripod to enlarge the lifting mechanism, which has a strong bearing capacity.

2.  Spacious cabin, wide field of vision, adjustable four-point suspension seat to meet the needs of different customers.

3.  The rear door of the cargo compartment adopts a locking structure to ensure the safety of transportation.

4.  The cargo compartment is made of Q345B high-quality steel roll forming with high strength and strong impact resistance.

5.  The fuel tank capacity of the dump truck is at least 300L, with a large fuel storage capacity and frame protection.

6.  The tires use 12.00-20 bias tires, 12.00R20 radial tires, 12R22.5 and 315/80R22.5 tubeless tires, with strong anti-skid and carrying capacity.

Application scenarios and transportation materials of 6x4 dump truck

Main use of Sinotruk Howo 6x4 Dump Truck

Dump trucks are trucks used to transport bulk materials. The main use sites and transport goods are as follows:

Mine: Transport coal and ore.

Construction site: conveying bulk materials such as sand, soil, stones, pebbles, building materials, etc.

Factory: Transport crops and manufactured goods.

Configuration of 6x4 Dump Truck



  Gross Weight (Kg)


  Curb Weight (Kg)







  Make : Sinotruk

  Diesel:4-stroke direct injection diesel engine

  Model:WD615 371HP Euro 2 Emission standard, 6 cylinders in line with

  water cooling , directly injection

  Bore x Stoke :126mmx130mm

  Maximum output: 371HP at 2200rmp

  Displacement :9.726L

  Fuel : Diesel



  HOWO76 cab, single sleeper with air conditioner


  Model : HW19710 10 forwards and 2 reverse + HW50 PTO

  Steering Gear

  ZF8118,German ZF Hydraulic Steering with Power Assistance



  Single Plate 430 diaphragm Spring Clutch

  Number of Axle




  F ront Axle



  Howo Drum Brake front axle Capacity 90000KGS

  Steering with double T-cross section beam



  Driving Axle



  Pressed axle housing, central double reduction with differential locks betwee    n axles and wheels


  Loading Capacity: 16000 KGS

  Front/Rear Track (mm)


  Fuel Tank



  Van Dimension

  5400x2300x1500 18.6 CBM

  Thickness : floor 8MM  / Side 6MM

  Ventral Tipper Hydraulic Lifting


  Steer Axle : Parabolic spring with shock absorber and stabilizer

  Drive Axle :Parabolic spring with divided balance shaft and stabilizer

  Electric System

  Battery   :2X12V/165Ah

  Alternator :28V-1500kw

  Starter    :7.5Kw/24V

  Braking System

  Service brake:Dual circuit compressed air brake

  Parking brake:spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels

  Auxiliary brake:Engine exhaust brake


  Standard : Red, yellow,Green,White,Blue,Black

  Optional :As you like


  ABS, Electrical Tilting Cab

Packaging & Shipping

u dump truck transport

We transport dump trucks in bulk, containers or RO-RO. Our factory maintains long-term cooperation with freight companies and can provide you with the safest transportation and the lowest freight. The specific transportation process is as follows:

(1) Wax

Spray wax process for trailer body corroded by seawater during transportation

(2) Packaging

Securely secured with steel wire to protect the trailer during transport

(3) Transportation

Well-known freight providers provide safe and reliable logistics services, making the shipping process safe, fast and affordable.

Customer cooperation

customers visit

We provide every customer with excellent quality, reasonable price, punctual shipping and best service.

We have hosted more than 1,000 clients from all over the world.

We have many loyal and stable customers from all over the world, our trucks and trailers are exported to more than 80 countries, and sold to Africa, Central Asia, Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, etc. lots of feedback.

Welcome to visit our company and production factory!

How to buy Sinotruk howo 6x4 dump truck?

1. Ask. Feel free to tell us what truck or trailer you want, your configuration needs and what you want to transport. Budgets are also welcome.

2. Free quotes available. We will send you a quotation with truck or trailer configuration, photos and price upon your request.

3. Start the order. Your company will arrange a deposit and Chengda automaker will start truck production from 3D design, body welding, painting spare parts, fabrication and inspection.

4. Product factory video and delivery. After we build and inspect it, we will provide you with the final video of the truck or trailer leaving the factory. After confirmation, the machine will be shipped by me or your agent.

5. After-sales service. Our service team will answer customer questions online 7*24 hours.

feedback. We look forward to customer feedback. Please let us know how you feel about the truck's quality and service. If you have more ideas to help us improve, we would appreciate it.

Company Profile

u dump truckChengda Group was established in 2005, is a heavy-duty lowbed semitrailer, flatbed container trailer, Skeleton container semi-trailer, sidewall trailer, cargo box trailer, dump trailer, bulk cement tanker trailer, oil tanker semi-trailer, stainless steel tanker, aluminum tanker, car transporter semi-trailer and other qualified manufacturers of trailers one.

We have also established a long-term business relationship with Sinotruk \SHACMAN \Dongfeng \Beiben truck brands, and can sell and sell novice, second-hand HOWO, A7 truck tractors, dump trucks, fuel tankers, etc.

In addition, we can also provide truck accessories, machinery and equipment with great price and service advantages.

Daily maintenance of dump truck

1. Check the hydraulic system, check the hydraulic oil quantity of the dump truck by yourself. If the oil is insufficient, it needs to be replenished in time; if it is damaged or leaked, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

2. It is necessary to check whether there are any abnormalities in moving objects such as pressure cylinders, gear pumps, power take-offs, control valves, and hydraulic cylinders during the lifting process.

3. Regularly check the cleanliness of the vehicle. The windows need to be cleaned in time to prevent unclear or obstructed vision.

4. The carriage should also be regularly checked for debris. If the dump truck is loaded with stones, garbage and other goods for a long time, special attention should be paid. If debris needs to be removed in time, this is to prevent debris from entering the hydraulic system to wear components and block valves. Cause the hydraulic system to not work properly

5. Maintenance of the chassis. Check whether the connection between the frame and the subframe is firm, and whether the U-bolt and shear iron are loose. If there is any problem with the above, it must be tightened in time. At the same time, it is also necessary to ensure that the backing plate, rubber pad, etc. are not dislocated.

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