Low Bed Semi Trailer

Low Bed Semi Trailer

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Product Details

Features of Low Bed Semi Trailer

1. Heavy duty ladder, and extra support to prevent the ladder from being broken when loading equipment.

2. Optional hydraulic ladder for more than 60 tons capacity, avoiding occupational injury when releasing ladder by manual operation.

3. Anti-slip strip on the tail and rear of the platform to ensure loading safely.

4. Optional landing gear under the tail to ensure the trailer is stable when loading.

5. H-beam for side beam instead of channel steel.

4 Axle Lowbed Trailer details

Packing & Shipping

After the vehicle is produced, strict quality inspection and load test will be carried out. Before packaging, the whole vehicle

will be sprayed with wax to prevent seawater erosion. The professional team will combine economy and safety to recommend and select the appropriate transportation method for you to ensure that the vehicle is complete. delivered to you.

lowboy semi trailer shipping

Parameter of Low Bed Semi Trailer

4 Axles Low Bed Semi Trailer
Application:Heavy Duty Loading
Axles:4 Axles
Loading Capacity:60-150 Tons
Ladder:Mechanical Spring/Hydraulic
Goose Neck Detachable:Available
Steering Axles:Available
Tire Style:Covered or Uncovered

Our Chengda Trailer Service

1. Respond to your inquiry within 12 working hours;

2. Experienced staff to answer all your questions;

3. Customer design is suitable for some products (OEM);

4. Spare parts for various types of engine machinery at reasonable prices;

5. Different kinds of semi-trailers can be provided with competitive prices.

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