Tire puncture immediately after solve methods commonly used tips

- Mar 13, 2017-

Car tire is equivalent to the shoes on our feet, the right pair of shoes can make us put a fly, but shoes were out of the question, ranging from uncomfortable to walk, may fall even a sprained foot. Inevitably being punctured by sharp objects car tires, tire burst, you know what to do with it? Teaches you the following tips:

First aid: stuff to fill in is the most common form of tire tires pierced holes of parts into a special Strip, tire repair shop master is usually called it shoot a tire. The greatest benefit of this approach is quick and easy, and only takes a few minutes and does not need to be removed on the tires from the rims, and shoot a tire defect is not durable enough, and difficult to handle large cuts, so it is usually only as a temporary remedy.

Plug missing: paste filling yet another tire is sticking up. Attaching the so-called was injured will remove tires from rims, after you find the wound from tire tire fitted with a special rubber, which trap. The advantage of this method is you can repair the large wounds, shortcomings still durable enough, after a period of time after the flood and high speed, patch the leak will occur again.

End: fire up the most complete tire repair measures is often said that the fire up. Fire up the same to pry the tire, private stock is then attached to the wound, then baking machine is used to bake the wound until the stock with the tire completely. Benefits of fire fill is very durable, and not worry about repeated leaks. But it also has its drawbacks, it is construction technology high requirements, because once the baking temperature is not controlled, will probably tire burn, severe deformation, then damage to the tire will be large.

Experts point out that, premium tire methods are diverse, but not everything. If the tire wall (the tire side) appeared larger than 1 cm incisions, or Crown is pierced reinforcement objects, resulting in big holes, it is generally better or replace new tires. Because such tires are not only difficult to fill, and after the good results are not reassuring, lets it retired.

As for yourself, there are numerous automatic tire agents have a certain effect, but also have a lot of limitations. Trapping tires, for example if the gas had leaked, it is difficult to work. This tire agent greatest flaw is that there is a lot of corrosion, whether it is steel or alloy wheels, will have greater damage for a long time, and this kind of damage results directly rims with tire seal does not lead to leakage.

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