How To Maintain Silo Dry Bulk Cement Tanker Trailer

- Jun 20, 2017-

bulk cement tanker trailer manufacturers to teach you How to maintain silo dry bulk cement tanker trailers and save money in maintenance.


One: as little as possible "disintegration" maintenance


Now the powder material truck manufacturers pay more and more attention to after-sales service, which is the advantage for the owners will often enjoy free testing activities. Many of these free testing activities seem simple, in the owner seems to have no substantive content, in fact, is very good. Owners can use these free testing activities on the car a comprehensive physical examination, timely detection of some potential failures, and these hidden trouble to eliminate, eliminating the need for future high maintenance costs.


Two: make full use of free testing


Particle material transport vehicle maintenance cycle refers to the interval or time of maintenance. The maintenance of high frequency is not a bad thing, can more effectively protect the performance of the vehicle, so the scientific determination of various types of maintenance operations interval mileage, not only can make powder material transport vehicles often maintain a good technical condition, but also make you save Maintenance costs and repair costs. In determining the maintenance period of the powder material transport vehicle, the maintenance cycle should be adjusted according to the maintenance period recommended by the powder material truck factory, and the maintenance period should be adjusted according to the technical condition and the actual use condition of the powder material carrier. General powder material transport vehicles in good condition in the new car, in good use conditions, may be appropriate to extend the maintenance cycle; and bulk cement tanker trailer trailertechnical conditions are poor, or the use of poor conditions, should be appropriate to shorten the maintenance cycle.


Three: appropriate oil


Appropriate oil contains two aspects: First, fuel, the second is the oil. Improper use of fuel, it is easy to cause fuel filter plug and other failures, so that the engine idle instability, acceleration and fuel consumption rise and other phenomena, but also accelerate the wear and tear of the cylinder, affecting engine life. Therefore, improper use of fuel, will increase the bulk cement tanker trailer trailer maintenance costs and repair costs. Different brands and levels of lubricants, the quality difference is very large, the price is quite poor. How to use lubricants to meet both the lubrication requirements, and less money? The basic principle is: to meet the requirements of the use of vehicles on the line, only to buy do not buy expensive. Such as engine oil, for domestic cars, some domestic SJ grade oil fully meet the requirements, there is no need to buy the import.

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