Low Bed Trailers Ultimate Guide | What Is The LowBoy Trailer?

- Aug 30, 2022-

Have you ever seen a trailer carrying 150 tons or more? Have you ever considered how to transport large machinery, excavators, or cranes from one location to another? Would you like to learn more about a trailer that can transport such a heavy load?

In this guide, you'll learn about the types of low bed trailers, how to choose the best low bed trailer for your business, and more.

What is a LowBoy Trailer?

Lowboy semi-trailers are usually used to transport various mechanical equipment, heavy equipment, road construction equipment, large tanks, power station equipment, and other heavy goods. Such as tractors, buses, special vehicles, etc., as well as rail vehicles, mining machinery, forestry machinery, and agricultural machinery (excavators, loaders, pavers, cranes, etc.).

Compared with the container flatbed semi-trailer, it has a lower center of gravity, better stability, and safety, so it has a better ability to pass overhead obstacles when transporting tall cargo.

Types of Low Bed Trailers

There are three types of lowboy semi-trailers: flat, gooseneck, and recessed beam.

Ordinary low bed semi trailer

A common low bed semi trailer has a flatbed, ie the pallet is flatbed.

Trailers are used to transport general heavy cargo. It can't haul high-height cargo like other trailers. Due to the flatbed type, this type of trailer has a higher working platform than other low bed trailers.

The location of the working platform explains its limitations in transporting high-altitude cargo.


Advantages of low bed trailer

One of the benefits of using a regular low-bed trailer is that it is cost-effective. Trailers are cheaper than other heavy-duty trailers. Another advantage is the longer cargo platform. The lower half of the regular low bed trailer can be used as a cargo hold.

Concave beam type (low loader trailer)

The plane of the cargo compartment is concave with the lowest load-bearing plane. It is usually suitable for transporting large or tall equipment.

low loader trailer

Advantages of low loader trailer

The main advantage of a low loader trailer is high stability. The stair structure lowers the height of the cargo center, which improves stability during transportation. Trailers are often used to move heavy equipment and cargo at high heights. It is best suited for countries with strict height restrictions.

Removable Gooseneck Trailer (RGN Trailer)

The RGN trailer has the same stair structure as the low loader trailer in the actual part. The main difference between these trailers is that the gooseneck can be removed. RGN trailers are used to transport heavy equipment and machinery. Heavy cargo is loaded from the rear when using a normal low chassis trailer. However, when using an RGN trailer, cargo is loaded from the front.

Removable Gooseneck Trailer

Advantage of RGN lowboy trailer

It is safer to load heavy loads from the front than from the rear or from the side.

Video of low bed semi trailer


How to choose the right low flatbed semi-trailer?

Regular low bed trailers, RGN trailers, and low loader trailers have their pros and cons. 

Choosing the right lowboy trailer is important because your cargo is safe. You want your shipments to always arrive at their destination in good condition. Any accident and damage on the road will result in huge losses.

Since lowboy trailers carry heavy and expensive cargo, any damage can have a huge impact on your business profits. If you run a trucking company, accidents and damage will ruin your business reputation.

Below are the main factors to consider when choosing the right model.


Always start the buying process with your budget in mind. Prices for low bed trailers vary based on their load capacity and performance.

If you're looking for a trailer that hauls heavy loads at the lowest possible cost, then a regular lowbed semi trailer is the way to go.

Cargo size

When choosing a trailer model, it is important to consider the size of the cargo. Consider width and height, especially if your country has height restrictions on transport vehicles.

If your cargo height is too high, choose a low loader, RGN trailer. These models allow you to lower the rear and lower the overall height of the cargo.

Cargo Weight

The correct model will depend on the maximum weight of your cargo. If you plan to transport more than 70 tons, consider purchasing a low loader, RGN trailer. Both models have high carrying capacity and can transport heavy cargo.

Loading process

Loading heavy cargo on a trailer is often a challenge for many businesses. However, the process can be easier if you choose the right model. Loading heavy and bulky cargo on a trailer without a drop deck is a hassle.

Not only do you need a stair structure to lower the height of your cargo, but you also need to make loading easy. Trailers have different loading procedures.

While RGN lowboy trailers and lowbed loader trailers are good for loading heavy loads, if you have lifting equipment, a regular trailer is probably best. Most low-rider trailers are loaded from the front or rear.

Why choose Chengda's low bed trailer?

1.11 years of history, integration of industry and trade, own factory, the price has certain flexibility under the same configuration.

2. Advanced technology, as well as hardware facilities, new workshops, production lines, and the development of soft power are all used in trailer technology.

3. BV certification, ISO, 3C, WMI certification, quality assurance.

4. Models can be designed according to customer suggestions and do our best to meet customer requirements.

Chengda Customer Cooperation

Driving skills of low bed semi-trailer

What is the inclination direction of the low bed semi-trailer? The low-bed semi trailer is a commonly used semi-trailer, but the driving of the low-bed semi-trailer still needs to pay attention to many problems. Let's talk about how the low-bed semi-trailer tilts.

1. The vehicle deviation is mainly due to the different distances between the center of the traction pin and the corresponding points on both sides of the axle (three points are not isosceles triangles). If the deviation is not aligned, it may cause abnormal tire wear.

2. Detection and adjustment methods:

1) Park the low bed trailer on a level road without braking.

2) Take a point on the inner surface of the front hub of the front axle, and take a point on the left and right sides, and the positions are symmetrical.

3) Based on the center of the traction pin, measure the distance to the above two points, and the requirement is "L1-L2 3mm. If the deviation is not normal, adjust the front axle live pull rod until it meets the deviation requirements.

4) Before measurement, check the measurement value at the corresponding point of the rear axle hub, which requires 2m. If it exceeds the tolerance, adjust the rear axle to drive the tie rod to make the front and rear axles parallel until the deviation meets the requirements.

5) Tighten the fastening bolts on the front and rear tie rods.

6) After adjustment, drive a low-bed trailer for about one kilometer, park at the same place without braking, and check the above dimensions. If there are no changes, the adjustment is successful.

7) The adjustment process should make the tie rod in a working state, that is, once the tie rod rotates, the vehicle bearing moves, and the adjustment of the tie rod is normal.

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