SHACMAN X6000 Tractor Truck--Super Power

- Jun 09, 2022-

SHACMAN X6000 tractor truck has a horsepower of up to 600 horsepower. Its biggest highlight is that it is equipped with a 15-liter engine of Weichai H platform, and the power system is super powerful.

SHACMAN X6000 Tractor1

SHACMAN X6000 tractor truck adopts the "Ice Mint" exterior paint color currently promoted by SHACMAN. It looks a little green and light blue, and it is full of fresh and fresh taste. The appearance design of SHACMAN X6000 is significantly different from that of ordinary tractors. It can be said that it has subverted everyone's impression of traditional heavy trucks. The unique and full front face lines, combined with exaggerated angular shapes, look very different. There is a kind of The fusion of fashion and technology.

SHACMAN X6000 Tractor2

The front face of the SHACMAN X6000 tractor truck is actually relatively simple, without exaggerated line shapes, mainly composed of segmented black grids and chrome strips, and the visual experience presented is also relatively regular and atmospheric. We can divide the front face into upper and lower parts. The upper and both sides of the diversion grooves extend a more unique style, with chrome trim strips for embellishment, and the lower part has a three-stage opening design, which also incorporates chrome-plated bright strips, which is consistent with the appearance of the tractor. form a unified style.

SHACMAN X6000 Tractor4

The exaggerated "C"-shaped headlights on the front of the tractor look very special, and the fog lights are also integrated into one. The high and low beam lights, fog lights, and turn signals of the tractor all use LED light sources, which can bring better illumination effects when driving at night. It is more convenient when entering and exiting the tunnel.

SHACMAN X6000 Tractor5

Coming to the side, the waistline of the front of the tractor extends all the way to the door, showing a rising curve shape, which looks more dynamic and smooth. There is also a dragon element pattern printed on the side of the cab, which also echoes the Delonghi series. I believe there will be a high rate of return on the road.

SHACMAN X6000 Tractor6

In terms of power, the real shot SHACMAN X6000 tractor truck is equipped with a Weichai 15-liter engine, model WP15H600E68B, with a maximum output horsepower of 600 horsepower. There is no doubt about its power performance. A beast-level existence. More importantly, the engine adopts Weichai's new H platform, with a thermal efficiency of more than 50%. Higher engine thermal efficiency means higher fuel utilization, less fuel consumption, and of course better economy.

The 15-liter large-displacement engine has a stronger power reserve, greater braking power, and safer driving downhill. It is not a matter of squeezing the engine or just adjusting the parameters. It can be said that the performance of the tractor has been improved in all directions. The surging power of the tractor can reach a high speed in the economic speed range, whether it is the performance of climbing and overtaking, or the fuel-saving ability of high-speed cruising, it is relatively good.

SHACMAN X6000 Tractor8

The transmission system of the tractor is matched with the Fast 16-speed AMT gearbox. The highest gear is set as direct gear. With the rear axle with a small speed ratio of 2.533 and a high-horsepower engine, the tractor truck can achieve higher speed at high speed while ensuring certain The driving ability of SHACMAN X6000 tractor truck to complete long-distance trunk logistics transportation more effectively and efficiently, ensuring timeliness requirements.

It is also matched with the Fast hydraulic retarder. The optional price is more than 20,000 yuan, which can continuously bring wear-free braking, keep the main brake in good condition, and make the tractor safer and more efficient on long downhills. In addition, compared with the sprinkler filled with nearly 1 ton of water, the hydraulic retarder is lighter in weight, only 50-60 kg, which meets the requirements of the lightweight of the whole truck, and can also load more goods, while saving energy Reduced the cost of installing a sprinkler and adding water.

SHACMAN X6000 Tractor10

The chassis of the real truck front adopts an aluminum alloy double fuel tank layout with a total volume of 1,000 liters, which can bring about a cruising range of about 3,000 kilometers under standard-load transportation conditions. It also has a fuel tank heating function to ensure the normal start of the truck in cold areas.

SHACMAN X6000 Tractor13

SHACMAN X6000 tractor truck adopts aluminum alloy wheels with a specification of 295/80R22.5. According to the tire specification, the rear axle speed ratio of 2.533 and the maximum gear ratio of the gearbox is 1, the tractor truck speed is 1200 rpm and the speed is 90km/h. From the data point of view, the operation efficiency of the entire tractor is very high. The tractor truck can basically run at the speed limit at 1200 rpm, which is commonly used by the tractor. It is not only powerful but also very fuel-efficient. It is also the mainstream of high-efficiency long-distance transportation. configuration.

SHACMAN X6000 Tractor12

In the chassis part, SHACMAN X6000 tractor truck adopts the front, 2, and rear 3-less leaf spring steel plate suspensions, with a speed ratio of 2.533. This design is relatively mainstream among lightweight standard trucks, and both bearing capacity and self-weight can be taken into account.

From the perspective of chassis configuration, this tractor meets the golden configuration of "high horsepower + direct gear + small speed ratio" for efficient long-distance trunk logistics. The 15-liter 600-horsepower Weichai engine brings enough power, whether it is performance or Reliability is always dominant. The setting of the small speed ratio and direct gear not only allows the tractor truck to have a higher average speed, but also makes the starting with full load more brisk and smooth, and the power transmission is more direct.

SHACMAN X6000 Tractor14

The real-shot truck is equipped with keyless entry and one-button start functions, so that we don’t need to take out the keys frequently from our pockets when entering and exiting the tractor truck and when the tractor truck is on fire, which greatly improves the convenience.

SHACMAN X6000 Tractor15

In terms of interior, SHACMAN X6000 tractor truck that was actually shot is an entry-level model, and many technological configurations are not assembled, but basically some standard functions are assembled. In addition, on high-end models, you can choose full LCD instrumentation, large multimedia screen, parking air conditioner, panoramic image, rearview mirror with follow-up adjustment, etc., which are more powerful.

As the flagship model of SHACMAN X6000 tractor truck, X6000 has the largest cab space. The flat-floor and high-roof cab allows you to stand easily. The middle aisle is also very spacious, and the driver can freely switch between the main and co-pilot positions. . The interior of the tractor truck is made of black and brown two-color stitching, which also distinguishes the main driver's working area and the passenger's rest area well.

In the assisted driving system part, tractor truck is equipped with anti-collision warning and lane deviation warning. If the driver is inattentive during driving, these two systems can remind the driver in time to reduce the probability of an accident.

This X6000 tractor truck is positioned for efficient long-distance standard load logistics transportation. Its sleeper size and mattress thickness are quite advantageous, which can basically guarantee the sleep quality of most friends. The sleeper area is also equipped with a function panel that supports reading lights, radio, volume adjustment and other functions. There is also a USB power port and a 3.5mm headphone jack below, so you can enjoy good entertainment functions even while lying on the sleeper.

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