Why Wing Opening Box Cargo Truck Is Not Common?

- Jun 16, 2022-

Which cargo bed provides the fastest loading and unloading efficiency? Traditional warehouse trucks and vans are subject to the design of the opening of the cargo compartment. Even if a forklift drives in, it is difficult to achieve fast loading and unloading. Especially for some express transportation companies that pursue timeliness, the unloading cycle is often 1-2 hours. It's just too long.

Is there a cargo box that can quickly load and unload goods and maintain a large enough loading capacity? In response to such actual needs, the wing opening box cargo truck appeared. However, why is such a convenient wing-opening cargo box not so popular in the freight market today?

wing opening Box Cargo truck

Wing opening box cargo truck is also called wing opening van. Its structure is actually very simple. In order to support the "flying wings" on both sides, the materials on the sides and top of the cargo box are lighter and thinner. It is made of high-strength steel plate to avoid deformation of the cargo compartment under repeated use. The upper beam does not use ordinary channel steel, but adopts a channel structure punched from high-strength steel plate.

wing opening Box Cargo truck 9

The front and rear ends of the cargo compartment are designed with four hydraulic lifters, which are controlled by the electro-hydraulic system (electric hydraulic pump + hydraulic oil tank) under the chassis. You can turn on the flying wing cargo through the power switch located at the front of the cargo compartment. car, just press and hold the switch all the way to achieve full automation. And most wing-opening cargo compartments are also equipped with a separate locking mechanism at the bottom after they are closed to prevent the risk of overturning of the cargo in the cargo box when turning.

wing opening Box Cargo truck 6

Such a convenient wing opening box cargo truck seems to be a powerful tool for increasing capacity, but it also has a "weak point".

1. First of all, the wing opening box cargo truck adopts a fully automated structure, and the use of a large number of high-strength steel makes its price not low. Generally, the price of the original van type of a 9.6 meter truck is between 20,000 and 30,000 RMB, while the price of the wing opening box cargo truck is more than 30,000-40,000 RMB.

2. The second is the dead weight of the cargo compartment. The dead weight of the traditional large single-axle model equipped with a van cargo compartment can be controlled at over 8 tons, while the dead weight of the wing opening model equipped with an electronically controlled hydraulic system is nearly 9.5 tons.

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