Which Is Best: Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Or Electric Vehicles?

- Sep 08, 2022-

Electric vehicles come in many different flavors, from fully electric vehicles (BEVs) to gasoline-dependent hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), with various variations in between. Some EVs even rely on fuel cells or gasoline generators for power, rather than powerful battery packs.

The unifying factor is that every electric vehicle includes an electric motor to propel the vehicle, either alone or in conjunction with a gasoline-dependent internal combustion engine (ICE). While all of these vehicles use electricity in one way or another, only battery electric vehicles are pure electric vehicles.

The electric vehicle landscape can be difficult to navigate, but you can divide the various types of electric vehicles into battery electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, extended-range electric vehicles, and fuel cell electric vehicles.

What is an electric vehicle?

A battery electric vehicle (BEV), or electric vehicle in a broad sense, is powered by an electric motor and a large battery pack. That's it. There is no conventional engine. You never need to visit a gas station. Instead, the entire vehicle runs on electricity generated by a high-capacity battery pack. The actual batteries used are usually lithium-ion cells, which are stacked and then grouped into modules. Combined with other components, this integrated system makes up the battery pack.

Unlike conventional ICEs, the battery pack can be designed to be located anywhere in the vehicle. For reasons such as increased stability, improved driving dynamics, service accessibility, and additional cargo capacity, these packages are usually located at the bottom of the vehicle platform, under the interior floor. So, without the engine, you can have both the trunk and the front trunk.

Hot-selling electric vehicle

ID.6 X EV SUV 2022: Volkswagen sells the ID.6 in several configurations, with a standard range of 58 kWh and an extended-range battery pack option of 77 kWh. The 58-kWh unit can provide a range of up to 436 kilometers (271 miles), while the 77-kWh unit has a maximum range of 588 kilometers (365 miles).

ID.6 X EV SUV 2022

What is a hybrid electric vehicle?

Strictly speaking, the reason the term EV is applied to vehicles that are not pure electric vehicles is that hybrid electric vehicles were the first to enter the mainstream. These hybrid electric vehicles are very similar to conventional gas-powered vehicles with similar drivetrains, except that they include an electric motor and an internal combustion engine (ICE). The electric motor and ICE work together, and the presence of the electric motor generally makes the ICE smaller than the ICE in a non-electric vehicle.

Since the gas engine does not work during this type of driving, it does not consume fuel. That's why hybrids outperform their ICE-powered counterparts in EPA-rated city mileage. However, once the vehicle is moving at higher speeds, like on the highway, the ICE assumes the primary responsibility as a power source. Therefore, the highway mileage rating of a hybrid vehicle remains similar to that of a non-hybrid vehicle.

Hot-selling hybrid electric vehicle

Song Plus Hybrid Car: Song PLUS hybrid car is equipped with the most advanced hybrid system, which has super fuel consumption. Even in the feeding state, it can still achieve ultra-low fuel consumption of 4.4L per 100 kilometers.

Song Plus Hybrid Cars

What is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle?

The difference between a plug-in hybrid vehicle and an ordinary hybrid vehicle: the battery capacity of an ordinary hybrid vehicle is very small, and it only supplies/recovers energy during start/stop, acceleration/deceleration, and cannot be charged externally, and cannot be compared in pure electric mode. In long-distance driving; the battery of a plug-in hybrid vehicle is relatively large, which can be charged externally, and can be driven in pure electric mode. After the battery is exhausted, it can be driven in hybrid mode (mainly internal combustion engine), and the battery is charged in time.

Hot-selling plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

Song Plus Electric SUV Car: The battery life of the Song PLUS electric SUV car can be up to 110 kilometers on pure electric power, and the measured comprehensive battery life can reach 1060 kilometers with full fuel and electricity.

Song Plus electric suv car

What is an extended-range hybrid vehicle?

An extended-range hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that uses an engine to generate electricity and an electric motor to drive it. When the battery pack is fully charged, it is driven in pure electric mode, and when the battery is insufficient, the engine in the car starts to drive the generator to charge the power battery and provide power for the motor to run.

What is a fuel cell vehicle?

Fuel cell vehicles are actually powered by the chemical action of hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity. It is also a kind of electric vehicle, and its structure is basically similar, except that there is a fuel cell and a hydrogen tank.

Which is the best: hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electric?

If you're looking to buy a machine that's more environmentally friendly than a traditional ICE car, the choice between a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and an electric vehicle depends on your situation and your comfort level.

Choosing a hybrid is a great way to improve efficiency and burn less gas, which means your vehicle will emit fewer pollutants into the air. Hybrids also don't require any changes to existing driving habits. And they usually don't cost much more than traditional ICEs.

Opting for an electric vehicle can eliminate trips to the gas station, eliminate oil changes, and provide a big boost in performance and zero emissions from the use of the vehicle. However, if you're not ready to install a Level 2 home charging station, you're not willing to look for a source of power outside your home, and you're not willing to pay a premium to get an electric vehicle, this may not be the vehicle for you.

Choosing a PHEV represents the best of both worlds. When driving in a predictable way, you can use electricity. When life throws you into an unpredictable cycle, or you just want to take a road trip, a gasoline engine can handle the job without having to find a way to recharge the battery. PHEVs are priced between hybrid and EV models.

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