Advantages Of Front Shovel And Backhoe For Excavators

- Aug 19, 2022-

Everyone should be very familiar with excavators, but are you familiar with excavator buckets?

Whether it is a crawler excavator or a wheeled excavator, the backhoe we usually see most is the backhoe, and the front shovel is rare.

The shape of the front shovel excavator is the same as that of the loader bucket, but the size is the size of the normal bucket, which is generally used in mines.

front shovel excavators

Front Shovel Excavators

Front shovel excavators are suitable for digging above the parking surface

Dig while advancing

Front shovel excavators are more common in quarries and large mines where blasting is required, and where the steps have a certain height.

backhoe excavators

Backhoe Excavators

Backhoe excavators are suitable for excavating below the parking surface

Backward while digging

Backhoe excavators are suitable for most occasions, especially for general infrastructure construction, without high steps, and are widely used.

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