Sinotruk 330Hp G7 Fence Cargo Truck

- Jun 13, 2022-

Sinotruk G7 330Hp 6X2 cargo truck model is positioned at the high end in the product series of Sinotruk. Its cab adopts the same design as the G7 tractor truck. The iconic orange paint of the SITRAK truck is very eye-catching, even if it is It can also be highly recognizable when viewed from a distance. At the same time, the design of one-piece rearview mirror + large-size sunshade makes the whole truck look more textured.

330Hp G7 Fence Cargo Truck

Standing in front of the Sinotruk G7 330Hp 6X2 cargo truck, you will find that this truck is very tall, and the overall shape of its cab complements the German MAN model, which is very powerful. The large-sized black middle grille not only has a huge opening, but also has a full sense of design, which can better dissipate heat for the intercooler.

The headlight configuration of Sinotruk G7 330Hp 6X2 cargo truck is very good. The main light source adopts LED headlight design, and the turn signals and daytime running lights are also LED light sources. The fog lights below are halogen light sources, which are enough to adapt to the climatic conditions all over the country, and do not need to be modified separately in the later stage.

330Hp G7 Fence Cargo Truck19

The dimensions of the actual model are very impressive, the data is 11100X2550X3980mm, the wheelbase is 1800+5600mm, and the height of the whole truck is close to 4000mm, which looks very domineering. At the same time, in terms of self-weight, the self-weight of Sinotruk G7 truck is about 10.2 tons, and the total mass of the three-axle model is 25 tons. It can carry nearly 12-15 tons of goods in compliance with regulations, which is very impressive.

The top of the actual model adopts a warehouse grid design, which is more suitable for some friends who are engaged in the transportation industry. The size of the top is 8600X2450X550mm. At the same time, if you are engaged in transportation conditions such as building material reinforcement bars, steel coil cables and large-scale transportation, you can also choose a railing type top-loading.

330Hp G7 Fence Cargo Truck20

In terms of power, this Sinotruk G7 330Hp 6X2 cargo truck is definitely a "monster" among three-axle vehicles. Its engine model is an inline six-cylinder diesel engine of Sinotruk MC07H.33-60, and its displacement is 7.36 liters, which meets the requirements of national Six emission standards. Its maximum output power is 240kw (330 horsepower), the maximum output torque is 1300 Nm, and the maximum torque can be output between 1200-1700rpm.

This engine is based on the MC07 platform, the displacement has been expanded, and its in-cylinder compression ratio has reached 18:1, which is a very exaggerated value in a medium-sized diesel engine. At the same time, this engine is equipped with exhaust valve braking technology as standard. At the same time, the fuselage adopts integral alloy cast iron cylinder head, aluminum alloy components, nylon cylinder head cover, oil pan with steel plate structure, and shock-absorbing gear chamber cover. Suppression, vibration suppression, fuel economy, and dead weight are all optimized.

The gearbox model is Sinotruk HW13709XSTC2L. It is a 9-speed manual gearbox. Compared with the traditional eight-speed gearbox, this gearbox adopts an overdrive design, with a larger first gear ratio and a smaller top gear ratio. , the corresponding gear can be more accurately selected according to the vehicle speed and working conditions, and the fuel economy can be improved. The maximum gear ratio of this gearbox is 0.73.

330Hp G7 Fence Cargo Truck21

The fuel tank of Sinotruk G7 cargo truck is made of aluminum alloy with a volume of 600 liters, which can provide the G7 with a cruising range of about 2200-2400km, which is not a problem for transportation scenarios that span multiple provinces. At the same time, the tire adopts Chaoyang's AT586 series with a size of 12R22.5.

In terms of chassis, the front and rear axles of G7 cargo truck are designed with steel plate suspension. The 1st and 2nd axles are designed as steering axles, making turning more flexible. The rear axle is designed with MCJ11BG single rear axle, and the rear axle speed ratio is 4.11. According to the calculation of the home speed simulator, when this Sinotruk G7 330Hp 6X2 cargo truck is in the economic speed range of 1200-1700rpm, its draw speed can reach 75-105km/h, and the speed is very efficient.

330Hp G7 Fence Cargo Truck7

The performance of Sinotruk G7 cargo truck in terms of comfort is also satisfactory. The main driver seat is covered with soft leather and can be equipped with ventilation and heating functions. The softness, hardness, height, front and rear of the seat can be adjusted, and the support of the waist, back and cheeks can be adjusted separately, and the configuration is outstanding.

In terms of configuration, Sinotruk G7 has a four-spoke multi-function steering wheel. The left side is the Bluetooth phone and multimedia control buttons, and the right side is the menu and cruise control buttons. The overall size of the buttons on the steering wheel is large, which is very convenient to operate. .

The instrument panel of Sinotruk G7 adopts the display method of pointer type + electronic screen. The overall size is large and can display a lot of information, such as real-time vehicle speed, rotation speed, engine oil pressure, current gear, air brake air storage capacity, fuel reserve, Information such as battery capacity and other information are displayed, which is very convenient for card friends to view when driving.

The interior of the cab adopts a high-top double-bed flat-floor cab design, and the overall space is quite spacious. At the same time, the central control area is designed with multi-layer storage compartments and cup holders, which are very convenient for placing items and cups. There are also specially designed two-layer storage compartments on both sides of the top of the door, with the design of three standard overhead boxes in the front, which can easily store your belongings.

The overall width of the sleeper is more than 80cm, and the upper and lower sleepers are of equal width. Even editors with a height of 187cm and a weight of about 200 pounds can rest easily on this sleeper. At the same time, the roof is also equipped with a sunroof design, which can ventilate the cab in time.

Sinotruk G7 3-axle cargo truck is a model tailored to the transport market by Sinotruk, while the newly introduced larger size and more complete configuration of the cab can also meet the actual working conditions of some truckers in long-distance transport, which is indeed very practical.

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