Sinotruk SITRAK G5 Fence Cargo Truck

- May 27, 2022-

Sinotruk launched the SITRAK G5 truck series. Its products are adapted according to the standards of its high-end heavy trucks. They have the comfort and driving experience of heavy trucks, and continue the high-end, high-efficiency and high-quality characteristics of SITRAK.

fence truck

In terms of appearance, the whole fence cargo truck is still the familiar SITRAK family style. The truck has tough, straight lines and looks very hardcore. The silver decorative strip under the truck logo has become the iconic design of SITRAK, and then matched with the black mesh and orange paint, the layering is very distinct.

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Fence cargo truck adopts the standard version of the narrow-body high-roof cab, with a striking white Sinotruk logo on the top, and striking LED width indicators on both sides, which is the difference from the G7 and C7H heavy-duty trucks Customized configuration, the driving warning function is more in place under complex working conditions. The sunshade adopts a wide body design, and the width indicator lights on both sides also have a better warning function, and the overall safety of the double-level blessing is more in place.

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Fence cargo truck is equipped with the same upper and lower split rearview mirrors as the G7 and C7H heavy trucks. The main and auxiliary mirrors can be adjusted independently, which is helpful for the driver to adjust to the appropriate angle to bring the best driving vision. In addition, the main and auxiliary mirrors support separate electric adjustment, which is very convenient to operate. It also has a rearview mirror heating function, which can remove fog, water vapor, rain and snow and other attachments in time.

Fence cargo truck is also equipped with panoramic images. This function is very practical. When entering a narrow freight yard or parking and reversing in a congested logistics park, you can observe the surrounding blind spots in real time, effectively avoiding the occurrence of small bumps, scratches, etc. 

fence truck3

This Shandeka G5 directly uses a metal bumper, which is strong and durable, and it does not feel distressed if it is scratched or rubbed, and it looks particularly rough and hard.

The headlights on both sides also use relatively simple rectangular elements, which are as wide as the length of the fog lights below, forming a very three-dimensional matrix shape. What's more interesting is that the LED daytime driving is integrated into the fog lights, and the style is also very special, which can warn the vehicles driving in the opposite direction.

The bumper of the fence cargo truck  is equipped with wide-body anti-skid pedals in the center position, and the overall panel adopts an integrated design. However, combined with the split components commonly used in mainstream models, the integrated design will still increase a lot in case of damage. maintenance costs.fence truck8

In terms of comfort, the cab of the fence cargo truck  adopts a four-point suspension cab, which has better shock absorption performance, which can effectively alleviate the impact of the road on the cab and make the driving experience more comfortable.

The truck adopts airbag shock-absorbing seat, which not only has basic one-button charging and discharging, damping adjustment, height adjustment, but also supports two-stage waist adjustment, side wing wrapping adjustment and other functions, even if you drive long distances, you will not feel particularly tired.

fence truck9

Inside the cab of Shandeka G5 truck, it is still the familiar cab design style of Sinotruk Man Technology. It adopts a high-top double-bedroom design. It is also more convenient to switch the positions of the main and auxiliary drivers in the car, and it is also convenient to go to the sleeper area to rest.

fence truck10

The gearbox of the truck is the classic doll head design of Sinotruk. Usually, we press and hold the "F" function key on the left side and shift forward to shift to the normal automatic transmission mode. The M/A behind the gearbox is for switching between automatic and manual gears. You can manually intervene in the gear according to road conditions. The E/P next to it is for switching between power mode and economic mode. The leftmost "C" button is for creep. The driving mode is equivalent to the semi-linkage mode of the vehicle, which is suitable for use in scenarios such as low-speed reversing and parking on a cargo platform.

fence truck11

The truck cab uses the upper and lower sleeper design, which solves the problem of double rest, and its width size is 6 meters 8, which is enough for daily use. And the lower sleeper is also equipped with window control buttons and USB power interface, so that the driver can directly charge the mobile phone or open the window for ventilation while lying on the sleeper.

fence truck12

For the power part, fence cargo truck  is equipped with a 6.87L Sinotruk MC07.25-60 six-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 250 horsepower and a maximum output torque of 950 Nm. The peak torque can be erupted in the 1200-1800rpm range. In the field of high-efficiency logistics and transportation and in mountain conditions, the six-cylinder engine has more powerful performance release, and has better reliability and stability under high-intensity loads, and the overall operation is more stable. In long-distance high-speed operation, economical Sex and dynamics are more advantageous.

fence truck13

The transmission system of the fence cargo truck  is matched with the 8-speed AMT gearbox of Sinotruk. It is made of aluminum shell, which is lighter in weight and better in heat dissipation.

fence truck14

The tire specification of the real shot fence cargo truck  is 295/80R22.5, the front wheels are aluminum alloy wheels, and the rear wheels are made of high-strength steel. Low rolling resistance tires can effectively reduce road driving resistance, and can bring good economic performance under high-speed cruising.

fence truck15

Shandeka G5 is equipped with a 600L large-capacity aluminum alloy fuel tank, which provides a cruising range of about 3,000 kilometers, which can easily meet the transportation conditions such as medium and long distance and intercity.

fence truck16

In terms of chassis, the solid model adopts the front 7 rear 7+6 steel plate suspension, which can meet the needs of heavy cargo on the bearing capacity, and has done special noise reduction and shock absorption treatment on the chassis and suspension to improve comfort. helped a lot. The drive axle is the MCJ09BG rear axle with a speed ratio of 4.11. It adopts a long oil change design, which prolongs the maintenance period and saves maintenance costs.

fence truck6

The advantage of the chassis space of Shandeka G5 is also very prominent among the models of the same level. The compact design of the after-treatment system, urea tank and battery also provides it with a top-mounted toolbox and an external generator to provide sufficient convenience.

Judging from the development trend of trucks at this stage, they are all moving towards high-end without exception. In addition to the large difference in overall comfort from earlier models, there has also been a new improvement in power performance. For the long-awaited automatic transmission models, each brand has basically completed the layout at this stage.

In the truck market for short- and medium-distance intercity transportation, Sinotruk has also moved very quickly. In addition to the early T5G series, it has also launched HOWO TX, HOWO N5G, HOWO G5X and Shande at this stage. The 6-meter-8 model of the G5 has also launched the configuration of automatic transmission. It is foreseeable that the proportion of automatic transmission trucks will gradually increase in the future. As for the stability, it is no longer a problem. What do you think of this Shandeka G5 6m 8 automatic gear? Let us know.

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