Why Is It Not Easy To Promote Aluminum Semi-trailers?

- Jun 01, 2022-

Semi-trailers such as vans, tanks, flatbeds and containers have always been important tools for road transportation, but they are also known as "gas guzzlers". The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of a heavy-duty steel semi-trailer is usually as high as 25 liters when empty. "As long as the car is lighter, the fuel consumption can be reduced."

aluminum semi-trailers

As far as I know, aluminum alloy material is much lighter than steel, and aluminum semi-trailer instead of steel semi-trailer has become an important way to achieve lightweight in the world. Under the same performance conditions, the weight of the aluminum semi-trailer is 35%-40% lighter than that of the steel semi-trailer.

aluminum semi-trailers

It is reported that the popularity of aluminum semi-trailers in developed countries such as Europe and the United States has reached more than 70%. All-aluminum vehicles can bring direct economic benefits to users. -One trailer carries 3.4 t more cargo, the transportation cost is 0.5 yuan per ton-kilometer, and the annual operation is 200,000 km, and the annual income per vehicle can be increased by 340,000 yuan. It can also save about 45,000 liters of fuel during the life cycle and reduce CO2 emissions by 110 t.

High cost and large one-time purchase investment are the main reasons for the difficulty in promoting aluminum semi-trailers at present. Constrained by high aluminum prices and low production scale, the production cost of aluminum semi-trailers is more than twice that of steel semi-trailers.

aluminum semi-trailers

In fact, the fuel-saving performance of the aluminum semi-trailer can fully compensate the user's purchase cost in the future. Chengda Trailer Factory specializes in manufacturing all kinds of light trailers, which have the characteristics of light weight, anti-fatigue, anti-torsion, anti-deformation, safety, etc., and the carrying capacity is comprehensively improved. Welcome friends to contact us for more information!

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